Poster Kiosk

We used Dr. Jones’s Super-Math curriculum to supplement our math which utilizes 11″x17″ posters.  However, most of the wall space in our school room is taken up with bookshelves, so I don’t have many places to hang the posters.  Dr. Jones suggested using a tri-fold display board such as is commonly used for science-fair projects.  I really liked this idea, but the board took up a lot of floor space and was not very stable.  So, I made a fairly simple modification which created a “kiosk” that takes up less floor space, is more stable, and gives me the same amount of display surface (room for sixteen 11″x17″ poster boards).

Here’s how the normal tri-fold display board stands (this photo was taken after I made the cut shown in the step below; normally, the middle section of the tri-fold is one piece that is twice the width of an end section).  In this configuration, there is room for eight 11″x17″ posters on the front and eight on the back (I turned the posters around to protect Dr. Jones’s copyright).

Aside: to attach the posters to the board, I first attached 3M mini hooks to the board, clipped each poster with a mini binder clip, and then hung the clip on the hook.

Here’s how to make a kiosk:  First, cut the middle section in half, from top to bottom.

Then turn the two sections so that the corners face each other.

Finally, connect the corners together.  I used binder clips with cardstock.

Ta-da!  A stable kiosk with room for sixteen 11″x17″ posters.