Personal Space

With four boys, it’s hard to give them a place that’s all their own.  With the exception of when we have overnight guests, each boys’ bed is his personal space and off-limits to others.  They each have their own reading lamp, which I got at Ikea.  I like these because they have a protective “spider web” in front of the bulb. They don’t seem to carry these anymore, but this lamp looks similar. I also used cord organizers to make the cords look neater.

For their “personal stuff,” I thought about putting up shelves, but didn’t like the idea of dusting them!  On the suggestion of a friend, I put up a Dignitet curtain wire, also from Ikea (now that I think about it, she also suggested the spider lamps), with sliding clips.  The boys’ personalizations can look, um, junky, but at least they’re easy to clean around!