Dad’s Art Gallery

My dad passed away unexpectedly on June 11, 2008, following surgery to remove a tumor from his lung.  I miss him dearly and have dedicated this page to him and his art.

As a young man, Dad attended Virginia Polytechnic Institute, after which he entered the USAF.  He was a pilot during the Korean war and in military intelligence for the remainder of his career.  Uncle Sam made him promise to keep secret what he did during that part of his career, and he was true to his word, so that’s about all there is to say on that subject.

It was after his retirement as a major from the USAF that he was able to spend more time “dabbling” in various art forms.  He was a man of many talents, as I hope will be shown by the samples below.

Thank you for visiting.

The Artist at Work

A sample of the letters he sent home early in his military
career shows Dad’s sense of humor:

A model sailboat, complete in “every” detail (e.g. he slowly
bent the wood for the hull and always told me that the knots in the rigging were
the real thing):

A selection of paper models:

“Sylph in the West Wind” (11″ tall, 18 lbs., Alabaster),
unpolished and polished

“Hopi Storyteller” (7″ tall, Utah Alabaster, unfinished)

“Woman in a Shawl” (12″ tall, Texas Alabaster)

Untitled abstract, donated to U.S. Alabaster, Sweetwater,

“Facial Fragment” (8″ tall, Utah Alabaster)

“Hopi Woman” (8″ tall, Utah Alabaster, abstract)

“Whimsical Shark” (5.5″ tall, Utah Alibaster).  The back
is “Pogy” or maybe “Porgy” and is benign-looking.

The first is “Möbius
Strip” (6″ long, Utah Alabaster).  The second is an untitled möbius
strip.  Dad got into möbius strips from
a Science News article I had sent him. My dad practiced upon one
unfortunate classmate by asking her to paint one of his triangular möbius
strips, specifying a different color for each “side”.

“Free Spirit” shown “natural”, then abstracted, then a bronze
from a mold:

The muses left poor Artemis to languish, and she was never
completed (she’s about 18″ tall):

Untitled nude (If I remember correctly, she’s about 2 feet

Untitled man (his face wraps around almost into a cylinder:


Porcelain teapot:

Ceramic teapot:

Ceramic “onion jar” (my favorite in color, and I really use this to store onions):

Unglazed ceramic vase (I display this at home with my own silk flower arrangement):
Note: white spot is part of the coloring and not a reflection.